Turning problems or needs into providing the best alternative to addressing that need

About Us

Van Tech Industries, LLC (“Van-Tech”) is a licensed distributor of Industrial Cleaning Chemicals, “Green” Maintenance Products, Paper Products, and Industrial Supplies & Safety Products. Van-Tech was founded in 1990 by Van Bond in St.Louis, Missouri.

Van-Tech offers name-brand products from major manufacturers and wholesalers based in the United States. For over 20-years, Van-Tech has delivered facilities maintenance and industrial supplies to private industry, universities, school districts, Federal and State Government agencies.

Van Tech Industries, LLC is a minority business enterprise that is also designated as a service-disabled veteran enterprise engaged as a distributor of hardware products and industrial supplies to serve our diverse customer base, which includes Federal and State Agencies, Universities, Municipalities, Non-Profit Entities, and expanding businesses. Van Tech is also able to provide rental services for Construction and Industrial Equipment. Van Tech was founded in 1990 by Van Bond, who has assembled a highly successful and talented team that is committed to delivering a very large and diverse group of products at a competitive price that is provided with outstanding customer service.

Van Tech’s greatest attribute is our ability to take a customer problem or need and to provide the best alternative to addressing that need. In today’s world, there are all kinds of factors and products to evaluate in order to select the most beneficial solution. Van Tech distinguishes itself from our competitors with our ability to locate and source equipment and supplies that best meets the needs of our customers.

Van Tech has thousands of products and services to solve almost any customer need and is focused on sourcing and delivering quality green products when it is at all possible as we all begin to do everything possible to do our share to be environmentally conscious – we owe this to our children and to future generations

Equipment Rental

Sourcing and delivering quality green products when it is at all possible.

Safety Products

Providing all of the equipment and supplies you need to provide safety at work.

Paper Products

Let us help you find the right paper products for all your needs.

Industrial Supplies

We can take your technology savvy needs and turn your chaos needs to calm needs.

More Than Just A Company

We are your go to source For distribution of hardware products and industrial supplies

Some of Our Products

    • Soy Based Cleaning Products
    • Facilities Maintenance Products & Equipment
    • Industrial Chemicals (including GREEN products)
    • Safety Products & Fall Protection
    • Signs and Banners
    • Traffic Control Devices
    • Hand Tools and Accessories
    • Storage Materials
    • Paper Products & Janitorial Products
    • Uniform and Flame-Resistant Garments
    • IT Products
    • Industrial Supplies

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Van Tech Industries is the real deal! Best. Product. Ever! I have gotten at leat 50 times the value from Van Tech Industries.

Michael J.

The best on the net! We were treated like royalty. Van Tech Industries is the real deal!

Robert R.

Van Tech Industries is exactly what our business has been lacking. I highly endorse it. It really saves me time and effort.

Sarah K.

I would gladly pay a lot of money for Van Tech Industries’ Products. Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure doing business with. Great job and thank you!

Pat L.

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